Brant and Harper’s Shower Fuck (2013)

Production year: 2013
Country: USA
Studio: CFSelect, CorbinFisher
Genre: Anal, Bareback, Hunks, Blowjobs, Muscles, Tattoos, Facial Cumshot
Duration: 00:21:45
Description: Harper is showering off when Brant comes in to clean up. Of course, when two hot, horny guys are in the shower together, you can bet things are going to get wet and dirty!

Harper and Brant both have lean, muscular bodies and nice fat cocks that they enjoy soaping up as they make out. Things get even steamier when Harper goes down on Brant’s cock. Brant takes a turn sucking Harper and then Brant slides his dick into Harper’s ass. After Brant pounds Harper up against the shower wall, he pumps a huge load out of Harper’s cock. Brant pulls out and shoots his load into Harper’s mouth before they decide to get clean for real this time.

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