British Dreamboys

Production year: 2014
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Amateur, Twinks, Bareback, Big Cocks, Anal, Oral, Toys, Threeway, Orgy
Length: 1:37:15
Cast: Marcus, Sam Gaultier, Daniel Canajo, Kyle, Romeo, Ian James, Jasper Emerald

Description: You’ve all heard about the Dreamboys – those handsome hunks of meat that titillate and tantalize on stage to hoards of screaming women, well now you’re about to meet the British Dreamboys! These boys do a bit more than titillate and tantalize – these dirty boys suck cock, rim sweet holes and fuck with complete abandon! A saucy encounter in the men’s toilet sees two guys slowly stripping each other and enjoying the smoothness of their skin. Nipples are licked and tweaked before cocks are rubbed, tugged and sucked. These lads are completely oblivious to their surroundings as one is fucked up against a urinal and two stupendous loads are eventually expelled. Two mates discuss the goings-on in the pub the night before, and all that dirty talk soon has both boys randy as hell. With boners growing in their jeans, there’s really only one thing to do – shag the morning away. These boys are so horny they don’t even bother going upstairs to the bedroom. The kitchen table is a good a place as any as they finger each other’s tight holes, nibble on foreskin and when one lad spreads his tight butt cheeks, his pal can’t resist and pushes his cock in – ball deep! Daniel his story of his one-night stand to friends Marcus and Sam. They love a bit of gossip and hang on his every word, but talk of Daniel getting fucked gets a familiar stirring, and these lads are soon stripped naked and devouring cock. Daniel becomes the lucky meat in this boy sandwich as he friends jam their dicks in his mouth and tight tush. They give him an even better time than his one-night stand and finish by giving him a creamy double facial. A five boy orgy finishes off over two hours of boy/boy smut. It’s a frenzy of cock sucking, arse eating and fingering, with every lad getting a taste of everything offered up to them and with the foreplay over, it’s every man for himself as arses and mouths are filled with throbbing cock, stretching and pumping inner sanctums. There is no let-up in the action as they swap partners and eventually, one by one, these five friends jack out a wad of boy-juice. This is the of boy that you dream about!

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