Brodie and Richard (2011)

Production year: 2011
Country: United States
Studio: seancody
Genre: Anal / Oral sex, Flip-flop, First time, Big Dick, Cumshots, Riming, Muscules
Length: 00:21:38
Description: Brodie has been very adventurous, but there’s always been one question I’ve had for him: “When are you going to let someone fuck you?”

I knew it was only a matter of time as he flat-out admitted when I first met him that he enjoyed the occasional use of a strap-on. It turns out he was waiting for the “right guy” and by that I think he meant someone who was comparable in size or bigger than he is.
He actually hand picked Richard. He saw the film where Nolan had fucked Richard. Brodie thought it would be pretty intense to get fucked by a big, muscular stud. They met and they clicked. Brodie knew what he was getting into and was especially playful and excited. After comparing each other’s muscles, Brodie actually bowed down and admitted that Richard’s biceps were bigger! It was so cute! Brodie started fucking Richard first, feeling him up both inside and out. It was obvious that Brodie really liked Richard’s physique. And then it was Brodie’s turn! ..

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