Brothers’ Reunion (Lucas Entertainment, 2008)

Year: 2008
Country: USA
Directed by: Michael Lucas
Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Genre: Oral, Anal, Safe sex, Rimming, Toys, Foot fetish, Hairy
Length: 2:15:55
Starring: Wilfried Knight, Ben Andrews, Jason Crew, Tommy Deluca, Anthony Marks, Arpad Miklos, Jackson Wild, Lady Bunny

Description: Despite all the drama in Michael Lucas’ personal and public life, one fact is indisputable: he makes good porn. In fact, at times, he makes great porn. He brings out a natural chemistry between his stars that causes the sex to explode off the screen! Wilfried Knight takes a starring role here, and he shines! After discovering that he has a long-lost brother, Wilfried hooks up with muscular bud Arpad Miklos. Their scene just sizzles! Passionate making out and cocksucking leads to some excellent rimming. These men aren’t afraid to dig in deep! And when they fuck, it’s magic! Arpad tops Wilfried in a spectacularly-shown fuck. They fuck every which way before both men explode in orgasms! And if you were a passerby on the street below them, you’d no doubt see them fucking in the window. Handsome and horsehung, Ben Andrews is horny and in need of a guy. His friend Wilfried is only too happy to help, sending him cockhungry Tommy DeLuca. Even Tommy, however, can’t take on Ben’s size, at least not in his mouth! Tommy struggles with working 1 / 3 of Ben’s thick monster into his mouth! But his ass is ready for it! Their fuck is excellently shown, and well-hung Tommy ends up blowing his wad while getting his ass pounded by Ben. Ben delivers his load in Tommy’s mouth, and they engage in some incredible snowballing!
Jocks Jason Crew and Jackson Wild hook up next. Here, Jason uses his extra-long and extra-pliable cock to fuck his own hole! It’s got to be seen to be believed, and it astonishes me every time! After some oral fun, they flip-flop fuck, showing off the energy of two horny young men! In the final scene, Wilfried and his new-found brother Anthony Marks can’t but help engage their carnal desires! There’s a passion here that can’t be faked. They lick nearly every inch of each others’ bodies, and Anthony literally begs to be fucked (at least his hole does)! The sight of these two men in the heat of fucking is one to behold! And when they cum, Wilfried delivers his DNA in his brother’s mouth. What a scene! This excellent movie is bookended by two spectacular scenes, both involving Wilfried. This man drips with sexuality! If you can get over the toe-sucking in every scene (which was a bit too much for my personal tastes), you’ll be rewarded with repeat viewing pleasure!

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