Production year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Kissing, Oral Sex, Cumshot, Anal Sex, Masturbation
Length: 00:17:03
Description: I’ve been waiting to put these two together! Cameron and Sean are almost complete opposites in every way. Shorter, blond and always the life of the party, Cameron loves nothing more than to raise a little hell everywhere he goes. And he always does it with such damn charm it’s hard to take offense.

Sean is tall, dark and handsome and lends a laid-back presence around here I think somehow his calmness comes from years of competing in extreme sports. After all the injuries and broken bones from that, what can faze him? But both guys are extremely hot! Seeing Cameron’s tightly muscled frame against Sean’s solid muscles, seeing how these different personalities would play off of each other … and seeing how they would turn each other on … was going to be a blast! After a swim, Cameron and Sean towel off. Cameron is usually the mischievous one, but Sean has a playful streak as well. “Your nipples are hard,” Sean tells Cameron and pinches one. Cameron towels off Sean’s back. It’s an almost tender moment from Cameron! It’s like they’ve somehow switched roles. They lay down. Cameron kisses Sean, then goes down on Sean’s nipple, kissing and biting it. “You like that, baby?” Cameron asks. They kiss again. Sean pulls Cameron’s cock out and sucks it. Then Sean lays back and pulls his already stiff dick out. Cameron sucks it while stroking his hard cock. He alternates between sucking and stroking Sean. He gives Sean’s nuts some attention as well, before heading back up to put that shaft back in his mouth.
Sean rolls over on top of Cameron, kissing his torso and then going down on his dick. Sean kisses Cameron while grinding on his dick. “Fuck me,” he says quietly. He helps Cameron lube up and then he slides down on Cameron’s cock. Cameron thrusts up inside Sean’s ass. Sean tells him to fuck him from behind. Cameron’s happy to oblige! Cameron fucks Sean doggy-style, smacking his ass. “Get that white ass a little red,” Cameron says. Sean gets on his back and Cameron kisses him. Holding Sean’s legs up, he slides back inside him. Cameron fucks him faster. Sean strokes a load out of his cock. Cameron helps him finish stroking. “You gonna come for me?” Sean asks. Cameron pounds him faster, then pulls out and dumps his load on top of Sean’s stomach. Ever the joker, Cameron wipes up some of the cum and smears it on Sean’s chest, then runs for the pool. Sean smiles and promises to get him back for that, as he runs after Cameron.

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