Cayden, Danny and Sean

Genre: Anal, Oral, Muscle
Some videos just shoot themselves. When Cayden Ross, Danny Harper and Sean Everett got together we barely had time to get the cameras set up. These guys were so damn horny to shoot a gay three way that even when we started interviewing one of them the other two wouldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Danny is one of our hottest redheads and with his new beard he’s looking amazing. And Cayden, our smooth muscular jock covered in tattoos, couldn’t wait to have these guys hitting both holes. Sean, our boy next door of the threesome, threw his usual innocent demeanor out the window when he dove face first into Cayden’s hairy ass. At one point Danny and Sean are banging Cayden at both ends and reach across his hot muscle stud body to give each other a nice deep kiss. And with his thick full lips wrapped around Sean’s cock while Danny pounded his hungry hole, Cayden was in pure ecstasy. Finally, having their own muscular boy toy at their disposal brought Danny and Sean to a hot sweaty climax as they shot their warm sticky loads all over Cayden’s handsome face, causing him to let loose a gusher of cum all over that beer can sized dick of his.

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