ChaosMen Bailey and Espen RAW

Production year: 2020
Country: USA
Studio: ChaosMen
Genre: Oral Sex, Big Cocks, Anal Sex, Bareback, Twinks, Rimming, Cumshots, Tattoos
Duration: 00:31:04
Description: When Bailey came in to do his solo, he basically described being into big-dicked Twinks. My first thought was to wait and pair him with Espen for Bailey’s first full-sex scene.

So, I had him setup with another model for his blow job video. I really like to get a solo and oral with each model so they learn how I direct, and we can also work on any random issues, like staring at themselves on the monitors. But flu season got this model, so I texted Espen last minute, and he was able to be at the studio a couple days later. Normally the guys have a 45-minute car ride to the studio together, so they have a little time to get to know each other. But Espen drove himself, and I picked up Bailey, and we met at the studio at the same time. No time to get to know each other. But wow! They clicked! All this was around the holidays, so both guys were eager to make some money, but once they took a good look at each other, it was instant chemistry. They said they would much rather fuck than stick to a blowjob. Bailey really wanted to have Espen inside of him, and boy did it slide it in easily. The look on his face was pure ecstasy! These two really clicked, and I believe they exchanged numbers. Espen does have a fiance right now, but they are obviously open. I wouldn’t be surprised if ChaosMen made a love connection happen during this video!

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