ColbyKnox The Heroes We Need Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox and Ty Mitchell

Production year: 2019
Country: USA
Studio: ColbyKnox
Genre: Bareback, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Cumshots, Tattoos, Young Studs, Threeway, Rimming, Big Cocks
Duration: 00:23:51
Description: In this weeks gay XXX special Halloween Release, Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox suit up and assume the roles of Deadpool and Spiderman!!! Teaming up to tag-team and deliver a punishing fuck to the one and only Ty Mitchell.

Spiderman walks in on Deadpool fucking the hell out of a stripped naked Ty Mitchell and is completely taken off guard. When Spiderman questions the actions of his heroic partner, Deadpool’s only explanation is that he is interrogating the sexy naked stud. To which a distraught Ty Mitchell exclaims that he has not been asked a single question!!! Rather than coming to the rescue of this bound villain, Spiderman decides it would be much more fun to join in the action- because after all, who wants to be a hero ALL the time? After watching Ty get a hardcore fucking for a while as he works himself up with a nice thick hard-on, Spiderman jumps in and shoves his hard meat right into Ty Mitchell’s mouth as his partner fucks him from behind. Ever tired of playing the secondary role, Spiderman moves Deadpool aside and takes a turn fucking Ty’s hot hungry hole for himself, leaving Deadpool to take the front end in a complete switch of their opening roles. Eventually, after revealing his true identity as Mickey Knox, the heroes put Ty on his back and continue to ravage him as they all get more and more worked up as they fuck and abuse this lucky pornstar villain. Everybody gets what they want and eventually shoot loads all over the warehouse that apparently belongs to Bruce Wayne before the heroes make their escape, leaving Ty Mitchell to be discovered in his compromised state.

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