Connor and Sean’s Post Workout Fuck

Genre: Anal, Oral, Muscle, Bareback
After a hard and sweaty workout, freshman Sean and veteran stud Connor head for the couch to chill out. But the intense attraction between these two guys delays any kind of couch-potato.
Connor and Sean kiss. Connor practically attacks Sean’s luscious nipple with his lips. He kisses his way down to Sean’s briefs, rubbing and kissing Sean’s cock.

Sean leans back, loving the feel of Connor’s mouth on his hard dick as it wets the thin cotton fabric of his underwear. But he loves it even more when Connor pulls Sean’s dick out of his underwear and sucks it!
The guys 69 on the sofa. Sean eagerly sucks Connor’s long, thick cock. Connor plays with Sean’s hole before going back down on Sean’s dick. Connor tells Sean to lick his ass, and he does the same. The two hot guys eat each other out. Connor uses both his tongue and his finger to tease Sean’s tight hole. Sean drives his tongue deep into Connor’s ass. Sean sits on Connor’s thick dick. “Oh it’s so big,” Sean moans. His own long cock bounces up and down as he gets fucked. Sean grinds all the way down on Connor’s dick. Connor jerks Sean and the guys kiss again. Connor tells him to get on all fours so he can fuck him doggy-style. Connor plunges his dick in, as Sean says, “Fuck me good!” Sean moans in ecstasy as Connor spanks his ass and pounds him. “Fuckin’ a!” Sean exclaims. Connor leans over Sean’s back, driving his cock in deeper. Connor kisses Sean again and fucks him in the missionary position. Sean strokes his cock as he gets drilled by Connor’s big dick. Connor shifts to a push-up stance. With Sean’s legs over his head, Connor buries his cock balls-deep in Sean. “Oh, make me cum,” Sean says. Connor fucks a thick load out of Sean. Connor pulls out and feeds Sean every drop of his load. Sean sucks Connor’s dick dry. Whatever they worked out before, they definitely got their cardio in now!

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