CorbinFisher Travis Rails Zander

Production year: 2021
Country: USA
Studio: CorbinFisher
Genre: Bareback, Oral Sex, Big Cocks, Blowjob, Muscle, Anal Sex, Cumshots, Kissing, Masturbation, Rimming, Tattoos
Duration: 00:14:55
Description: Quite frankly, I’m still surprised at just how well Zander’s taken to guy/guy action and how much he clearly loves it. When he has a dick in his mouth or is getting fucked, you can tell there’s absolutely nowhere else he’d rather be and the entire experience is pushing every button for him.

I also can’t recall the last time we’ve seen a guy so in to having his fellow CF studs blast a load in to his face and in his mouth. Zander’s a natural at all of it! He has much of that in common with Travis – once Travis got a dick in him, he was a man possessed and it was mindblowingly hot seeing just how much he liked it and how much he got off to it. I guess these two have a lot in common! Given that, we gotta see em in action together! It’s clear they agreed with that also, as Zander is loving every bit of it while Travis fucks his hole. The look on Travis’ face while he does it makes me think Travis could recognize some of himself in Zander too – that insatiable hunger for getting railed, the clear bliss that overcomes him when it’s happening. He sees some of himself in and on Zander at the end of this episode also, as Zander’s face is coated in Travis’ load!

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