Eddy Adams and Jeremy Stevens (2012)

Production year: 2012
Country: USA
Studio: DirtyTony
Genre: Anal Sex, Huge Dicks, Blowjob, Cumshots, Facial, Jocks, Masturbation, Muscles, Piersing, Tattoos
Duration: 00:18:47
Description: There is no greater sight than when two hard bodies collide. Unless, of course, if one of those hard bodies has an enormous cock!

Eddy Adams and Jeremy Stevens have just had the pleasure of making each other’s acquaintance and both are entirely impressed with the fine specimen of man meat in front of them. Eddy is an avid rock climber with a less than traditional work out regimen that keeps him a cut above the rest. Jeremy is no slouch himself. His thick biceps, huge hairy pecs and broad shoulders are an homage to his love of push-ups and gym-rat lifestyle. Eddie has a few tricks up his sleeve that he can’t wait to show Jeremy, he hooks his fingers on a ledge and starts doing pull ups using just the tips of his digits. Every muscle on Eddy’s back tenses and ripples with each rep. Jeremy is not only impressed, but also a little turned on. The boys head to the bedroom to find out what other talents Eddy might be hiding. Jeremy stalks towards Eddy like a hungry lion, taking in the sight of beautiful tanned man in front of him. He works his way down to an impressive bulge that is rapidly growing in Eddy’s jeans. Jeremy’s jaw drops to the floor when he pulls the massive cock out of Eddy’s shorts. Now, Jeremy is not one to back down from a challenge. But there was a brief moment where I could see him weighing the option of running out the door. That moment was long gone by the time Jeremy unhinged his jaw to cram the uncut 9×8 monster into his mouth and started sucking away. He did such a good job fitting that monster cock into his throat, Eddy asked just how accommodating Jeremy’s ass was. Now a little more sure of himself, Jeremy climbed on top of Mt. Eddy and slid his hole down around the ass splitting dick. Grunting and groaning Jeremy takes the entire slab of meat all the way to the base and rides it like the toughest cowboy I’ve ever seen. Flipping Jeremy onto all fours, Eddy really lets the anal assault begin. Jeremy is seeing stars with every thrust of that massive sausage infiltrating his tight hole. On his back, Jeremy can’t hold it in anymore. He shoots a jizz rocket over his shoulder and drips the rest onto his tight six-pack. Eddy quickly follows and gushes thick white ropes all over Jeremy’s sexy scruff-covered cheek. With all the hooting and hollering in this giant sword fight I’m pretty sure the entire block had a pretty good of ​​what an accomplishment Jeremy Stevens had had today.

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