Elders Buckley, Riley and Bro Newman CORRELATION MEETING (MormonBoyz, 2014)

Production year: 2014
Country: USA
Studio: MormonBoyz
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Cumshots, Fingering, Kissing, Masturbation, Rimming, Older / Young, Bareback, Big Dick, 69, Group Sex, ThreeWay
Duration: 00:22:45
Description: When everyone’s secrets come to light, the elders’ routine correlation meeting turns into a wild threesome with the ward mission leader.

Elder Buckley has somehow found himself at the center of a web of shameful secrets. He has been fucking his hot little companion for weeks, and he can not let anyone find out. He also knows that his ward mission leader has been jerking off to gay porn. He’s having a better time than he ever thought a mission could be, but he’s also scared that something will go wrong and he’ll be sent home in shame. Every encounter with the ward mission leader fills him with dread. But the missionaries have to meet with their ward mission leader regularly to correlate their efforts with those of the local members. This meeting promises to be like any other, but Brother Newman surprises them by revealing that he saw, and liked, their performance on the stage. Elder Buckley freezes, but Elder Riley is not intimidated. He tells the ward mission leader that they know his dirty little secret, too. Elder Buckley can not help smiling. His companion sure is spunky. Brother Newman is not embarrassed. He can not wait to see these missionaries fuck again, and maybe even get his own dick wet. He tells them that he belongs to a secret group called the school of the prophets, and they seem like good candidates, but he’ll have to see them have sex again to be sure. Elder Buckley, who is always down to fuck, smiles and says that will not be a problem. He pulls his companion in for a kiss. In a flash, their shirts and ties are off, then their pants. Elder Buckley sits there in his garment bottoms, showing off his beautiful chest. He knows Brother Newman likes what he sees, and he wants to show him how good he is at fucking his companion. Elder Riley kneels next time him, his fit body showing through his tight garments. Elder Buckley strips him naked, and then Elder Riley pulls out Elder Buckley’s fat dick and starts to suck it. Brother Newman can not take his eyes off Elder Riley’s hot ass, which hovers an inch above the floor, cheeks spread. He knows it’s thirsty for dick. Brother Newman gets hard, and he starts to play with his dick through his pants.

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