Emanuel Brazzo and Bryce Star (2011)

Year: 2011
Country: USA
Studio: Cock Sure Men
Genre: Oral sex, Anal sex, Rimming, Cumshots, Safe sex
Duration: 00:27:23
Description: When two gay men are really into each other the sex is always hot. Though they hadn’t met before their scene, Emanuel and Bryce hit it off big time. They kiss passionately and have a lot of fun together.

After heavy duty cock sucking, Emanuel eats Bryce’s sweet ass. Bryce really loves getting his hole wet and ready. Emanuel tops Bryce on his back, then puts him on his knees and takes him from behind. Bryce then rides Emanuel’s cock like a cowboy on a horse. After the pounding Bryce shoots a HUGE load all over Emanuel’s abs and chest. Emanuel then strokes himself to a finish depositing another heavy load on top of Bryce’s. Exhausted they kiss, smiling and laughing after their first time together.

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