Hard Landing (Regiment Productions, 2005)

Year: 2005
Country: USA
Director: Paul Barresi
Studio: Regiment Productions
Genre: Twinks, Young Meat, Military, Anal, Big Loads, Big Cocks, Deep Throating, Older Guys, Oral, Rimming
Length: 1:22:16
Starring: Stonie, Aiden, Jasper Collins, Justin, Marc Ferran, Marshall O’Boy, Mike Bates, Randy Summers

Description: Despite the iffy acting in Hard Landing, just give in and jack yourself silly to this hot military fuck-fantasy. Officer Justin surprises pretty airman Marc Farran by demanding him to suck him off. Farran deepthroats Justin with gusto, taking the long, uncut cock like a pro. Justin then bends Farran over a desk and shafts his ass for all it’s worth. Officer Jasper Collins inspects airman Aiden’s quarters, and then he inspects his mouth with his tongue. Not satisfied, Collins makes a full inspection of Aiden’s asshole with his THICK rod. Officer Collins cums all over Aiden, then Aiden adds to the pretty mess. New recruit Stonie and welcoming officer Bates are up next. Stonie says to Bates, “I’ve heard about you.” Bates proceeds to prove that all that Stonie heard is absolutely true. Stonie sucks Bates’ surprising endowment, then stands up for an ass rimming, which Bates does like he’s eating his lunch. With both guys in just their officer shirts, this nasty, tingly ass eating scene is as hot as can be. Bates then abruptly bends Stonie over and fucks his ass like it was the last ass he’ll ever sink his thick cock into. Plunging his cock in deeper and deeper, Bates’ swinging balls slap against Stonie’s balls and ass. His hot load on Stonie’s tight stomach makes Stonie cum as well.
Older officer, Marshall O’Boy, gets caught pounding his pud by General Summers, who proves to O’Boy that a warm throat is better than a rough hand. Returning the favor, O’Boy downs the general’s meat. He does a virtuoso job while Summers fondles O’Boy ass, then eats and power-fucks it. Summers’ huge dick-head sprays and O’Boy’s cock oozes its own hot lava.

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