Hole Puncher (Dark Alley Media, 2010)

Year: 2010
Country: US, Germany
Studio : Dark Alley Media
Director: Matthias von Fistenberg
Genre: Anal, Oral, Fisting, Dildo, Extreme Sex, Fetish, Hairy Men
Length: 2:54:02
Cast: Jean Franko, Thiago Romero, Matthias von Fistenberg, Tommy Hawk

The world’s foremost and freaktastic Fister is back in Hole Puncher. Join superstud Matthias Von Fistenberg, in his freshest collection of hardcore fist-fucking, hole-pumping action scenes to date. Follow him on the prowl in Europe, seeking out a serious Hole Puncher, a real power fist pig that will slake his thirst, as well as his talented protege Thiago Romero. Four sizzling scenes, six ripe studs, punching holes and makin ‘em cry.”

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