Hooking Up: Cole Parker and Rod Daily (2011)

Year: 2011
Country: UK
Studio: Man Handled
Genre: Oral sex, Anal sex, Rough sex, Cumshots, Facials, Safe sex, Muscle
Duration: 00:20:27
Description: Cole kept trying to remember how much he’d had to drink that night. He doesn’t usually do this sort of thing. Wind up in a stranger’s apartment, sucking face with a guy he’d only met a couple of hours before. But every time he tried to analyze what made this night – this guy – so different, he was distracted by Rod’s tongue doing very interesting things in his mouth, and it didn’t seem terribly important.

Cole’s lips warred with the other man’s before wandering south to his chin, rough with a hint of stubble, and his hands roamed all over Rod’s body; feeling his chest beneath the tight shirt, his biceps flexing under his sleeves, every inch hard and solid and powerful. Cole barely noticed when he was coaxed out of his shirt, and it seemed only natural when Rod’s strong hands found his shoulders and pushed him slowly to the floor. Rod’s grip was solid and firm on the back of his neck, keeping his head pressed tight up against the stronger man’s body, but that was nothing to complain about. It just meant more skin to explore, and Cole licked and kissed his way down Rod’s rock hard abs, nuzzled the other man’s cock through his tight denim jeans, his own hands exploring the curves of Rod’s thighs and hips and ass. Somehow Rod’s dick sprang free of his pants, and Cole wasn’t sure if that was his work or the other man’s – he was too busy being overwhelmed by Rod’s smell and sweat and touch to keep track but then there it was in front of him and all he knew was he was craving it, cramming it in his mouth and trying to savor every inch all at once. Rod’s hands shoved him back and forth along his pole, stuffing Cole’s mouth full of his meat and he gagged and choked and coughed and it still wasn’t enough to fill him. He wanted, he needed more and then his mouth was empty. Cole panted in disappointment that didn’t last long, as Rod’s lips wrapped around his dick then, enveloping his cock in a mouth so wet and warm he almost came right then and there. Somewhere along the line he found himself stripped of the rest of his clothes, Rod undressing him like he was an invalid who couldn’t manage it himself. His underwear just yanked off when he took too long removing it and his body shoved back on the bed to writhe there helplessly as Rod went back to work on his dick. Cole went to rise from the bed only to have Rod plant one palm firmly on his chest and shove him back down, never even lifting his head from Cole’s dick, his tongue swirling around the tip of his penis and making complaints seem pretty pointless. At least one of them seemed to know what he was doing. And then Rod was lying on his back and Cole was squatting above him, strong hands guiding his hips into place as he slowly lowered himself onto the other man’s shaft. He moaned and bit his lip as Rod’s thick erection sank deeper into his ass, filling him up until his hole clenched tight around the base of Rod’s dick. A little dizzy, he felt Rod lifting him by the hips, his tight ass sliding sensuously around the rock-solid penis as he was pumped up and down. Faster and harder until the tip of Rod’s cock was slamming against his prostate and sending waves of pleasure crashing through him until he couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe, just went limp and let the other man direct his every motion. He was practically thrown off of Rod’s dick then and tossed onto his back, his legs pushed up and over his shoulders and his ass filled once more as Rod plunged back into his now-loose hole without even skipping a beat. Cole’s head rolled back on his shoulders, whimpering and moaning now like a bitch in heat, Rod fucking his ass like a wild man, rocking his hips back and forth and pounding Cole’s hole with jackhammer fury. And then his ass was empty again and he was flipped on his stomach before being stuffed once more. A hand grabbing his hair, wrapping around his head, yanking it back while he was plowed from behind, crushed beneath Rod’s weight and unable to move even if he wanted to – why would he want to? – And he could hear Rod’s hips slapping against his ass as he fucked him. It didn’t take much longer for Cole to cum, milking an explosive load from his cock even as Rod still continued to hammer away at his ass. And then Rod was sitting on his chest, jerking that gorgeous cock right in his face and letting loose with a thick white jet that just lay there, hot and sticky on Cole’s face, as he just lay there, panting and breathless with Rod still sitting heavy and firm on top of Cole’s chest. And the night was still young …

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