How to Make a Homo Movie (Something Weird, 1974)

Production year: 1974
Country: United States
Director: Lancer Brooks
Studio: Something Weird
Genre: All Sex, Anal, Oral, Vintage
Length: 1:07:01
Cast: Ken Gordon, Peter Raw, Jeff Puckett, Jacque

Description: In a “male model studio,” circa 1970, six oddball studs are interviewed, then given Blue Movie Auditions in re: “sex movies for the homosexual market.” Or, as this is also known, How to Make a Homo Movie. The prospective pecker-gobblers “are auditioned on film in order to qualify in areas of appeal, sexuality, voice quality, and the ability to perform sexually on camera.” There is some question about DeSimone’s name on here. He denies having anything to do with Homo Movie but he may not realize that this is just a retitle of Blue Movie.

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