Idol Thoughts (Catalina, 1993)

Year: 1993
Country: US
Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Studio: Catalina
Genre: anal, oral, mastrubation, couple, vintage, muscle
Length: 1:21:27
Starring: Ryan Idol, Tom Katt, Shawn Justin, Mitch Taylor, Chuck Hunter, Karl Thomas, Rob Cryston, Jon Vincent, Max Holden

Description: Finally, a Catalina Classic Feature debuts on DVD at Popular Prices – purchase this DVD and send your vote for popular pricing to Catalina Video! Ryan Idol Sucks Off Tom Katt! Yeah!. . . Ryan Idol’s been thinking. He’s been thinking about cock … thinking it’s about time he had one down his throat! He’s been thinking about doing it for Catalina. He’s been thinking IDOL THOUGHTS! Also featuring Tom Katt, the lucky recipient of equally-lucky Ryan Idol’s first on-screen blowjob! Also starring favorite hunks Karl Thomas, Rob Cryston and Jon Vincent.Introducing Max Holden. No Twinks in This Video! AVN Award Winning Director Taylor Hudson takes the director’s chair for Catalina Video, showing Ryan Idol, for the first time, like no one has ever seen him before. Here is the long-awaited and highly hyped Catalina vid where “straight guy” fantasy superstar Ryan Idol finally sucks a cock. I know you’re wondering, ‘Is he any good?’ We’ll get to that later. Idol Thoughts is about a typical day in Ryan’s life and the thoughts he has. (Remember, Ryan, an mind is the devil’s workshop!) After finishing his demanding day, Ryan goes home to open his mail and listen to his messages. The first is from Chuck Hunter, who left his watch at Ryan’s the night before. As Ryan recalls it, we see Chuck getting his ass pounded by all Ryan can give him. Next, Ryan reads a postcard from his friend Mitch, who’s up in Big Bear. Mitch just met stud Jon Vincent. The scene that follows generates more heat than the fireplace they fuck by. In the next scene, a letter comes to Ryan by mistake. He opens it anyway (isn’t that a Federal offense?). As he reads it, we get to see the action between Karl Thomas and Max Holden. Ryan opens the next package, which is underwear from an adoring fan who wants Ryan to autograph them. He obligingly does so, giving himself a thorough workout, and then squirting his sweet man-juice all over them. Ryan receives an audition tape from two hot guys who want to be in his next video. After watching the tape, it’s clear that Rob Cryston and Shawn Justin have what it takes and will go far. Sign ’em up Ryan! Finally, our guy checks out the photo of Tom Katt that his agent sent him. What does Ryan think of this gorgeous hunk? Try to guess! Ryan’s thinking about what he’d like to do with this hot man. He’s thinking of doing something he’s never done with a guy before. He’s thinking about going down on Tom’s juicy dick! And he does, and the rest is history! Idol Thoughts is a pleaser and a teaser, since it leaves what we’re all waiting for until the very end. Though it’s billed as Ryan’s first time munching manmeat, he really knows how to work a guy’s tool. Catalina has put together a hot little video here, which will surely give you some thoughts of your own. The industry’s leading superstar man model Ryan Idol, and the industry leader in all male hard pounding action, get it together for the first time to bring you one of the hottest videos of 1993, Idol Thoughts.

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