Date: 2011
Country: United States
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, First time, Masturbation, Big dick, Rimming, Muscules, 69, Cumshots, SiteRip
Length: 00:18:10
Description: Travis and Jack kiss, as Travis reaches for Jack’s cock through his shorts. He pulls Jack’s t-shirt off, revealing Jack’s lean, tight body.

Of course, Travis has a pretty damn ripped body himself – so I’m glad he doesn’t waste any time getting his shirt off, as well! Getting Jack flat on the bed, Travis kisses all Jack’s chest, nipples and abs. But that’s not all Travis wants to get his mouth on! He pulls down Jack’s shorts and starts sucking Jack’s dick.Jack leans his head back as Travis blows him, his face showing that he is enjoying every second. Travis flicks his tongue on the head of Jack’s cock, then swallows the shaft. Travis pulls his big cock out of his jeans and feeds it to Jack. He strokes Jack’s dick while Jack sucks his cock.Getting his jeans off, Travis moves into a 69 with Jack. They suck each other eagerly. Jack gets Travis’ long dick good and wet. Travis pulls Jack’s fuzzy ass up and eats him out, getting it ready for his cock. Travis spits on it and teases it with his finger. It’s so tight, that he chuckles when he can’t even get his finger inside Jack’s hole! But Travis is a veteran … and he knows how to get inside a new guy. He sticks his tongue deep in Jack’s hole. He teases it some more, only this time with his cock. He spanks Jack’s ass as before plunging into him in a reverse piledriver. Jack gets on his side. Travis takes him from behind. He slowly slides in and out, loving the feel of that tight ass wrapped around his cock. Travis drills in deep, as Jack jerks his own dick. Travis gets louder as he pounds Jack harder. He sticks his thumb into Jack’s mouth, then kisses him. Travis hammers a load out of Jack! Jack shoots all over his leg and the bed. Travis pulls out and sprays his cum all over Jack’s cock and balls. Travis’ whole body is shaking from the intense orgasm. Guess Travis wasn’t kidding about how tight Jack’s ass was!

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