Jarrett Fucks Connor (2011)

Production year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Rimming, Muscles, Big Cock
Duration: 00:21:18.
Description: Yep. You read the title right. It’s been a while since Connor has bottomed on the site. Once he thought about it, he realized it’s been a year since he’s bottomed. And hot new freshman Jarrett is the lucky one that gets to make sure Connor hasn’t forgotten how it works on the other side!

The guys kiss passionately. Connor kisses Jarrett’s stomach. Jarrett kisses Connor’s nipples and abs. Rubbing Jarrett’s cock through his underwear, Connor pulls out Jarrett’s long cock. He sucks it deeply.
As Connor sucks Jarrett’s dick, he feeds Jarrett his fingers. That horns Jarrett up and he wants to suck Connor off now. The guys 69 each other. It’s hot watching two muscular studs suck each other’s big cocks. Connor feeds Jarrett his dick. He strokes Jarrett’s cock. Jarrett rubs Connor’s perfect abs and chest as he blows his thick dick. Connor jerks Jarrett’s big dick and rubs both their cocks together. Jarrett eats Connor’s ass, driving his tongue in deeply. Connor moans with pleasure. He watches himself in the mirror, “Oh, that’s hot,” he says. He straddles Jarrett’s face, enjoying a hot, wet tongue bath before getting fucked. Connor slides down Jarrett’s dick. It may have been a while, but Connor takes it like a champ. “Oh, my god … holy shit!” Connor says. “I can feel your whole cock!”
Jarrett tells him how good he feels. Connor rides Jarrett while watching himself get fucked in the mirror. “Yeah, fuck me,” he says. Jarrett drills up inside him, while jerking Connor’s big cock. Connor is loving every inch of that big dick inside his ass. Connor lays down and Jarrett pounds him in the missionary position. Connor’s big dick is rock hard. He jerks it as Jarrett slams into him even harder. “Your ass feels so good,” Jarrett says. Jarrett fucks him furiously. Connor pants in ecstasy as he gets fucked. Legs straight up, Connor tells Jarrett to do push ups on him. Jarrett goes balls-deep. It’s driving both of them wild, Jarrett’s thick dick ramming Connor’s tight ass. Connor yells “Oh, yeah, I’m coming! Fuck me harder! Yeah, keep going! “He sprays a huge load that lands on him and even splashes back on Jarrett’s abs! Jarrett jerks off on Connor’s nuts. He drenches them in cum! “I haven’t been fucked in so long. Oh, shit that was amazing! “Connor exclaims. Both guys get in the shower and wash off. Connor asks Jarrett what other CF videos he’s seen. Jarrett mentions Aiden and Cain, as well as Connor and Dawson. I think Jarrett is bucking to play with every guy we have here at CF!

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