Load Chaser

Year: 2007
Director: Buck Rocket
Studio: Red Hot Rocket Video
Genre: Anal Sex, Bareback, Blowjob, Group Sex, Muscle men, Interracial
Duration: 01:16:32
Cast: Royan, Jon, Jasper, Alex, Fyerfli, Jake Wood, Peter

There are those men who feel it, the primal need to be dominated, to be taken down and fucked raw. Those men become addicted to it. They crave it. They chase the ultimate male submission to take another man’s load deep inside! Royan’s bathtub solo is so up-close and personal…you’d think you’re gonna get your hands wet just by touching the screen! Check out the contrast between Royan’s hairy legs, and bulging ball sack. Royan shares his pleasure as he jerks his load shooting past his nipples, and you can practically feel the in his post-orgasmic Next a scorching 3-way between Jon, Jasper & Alex (filmed in London) Frenetic raw butt fucking Jasper’s hole. Jon pulls out for Alex who uses Jon’s cum for lube…as Jasper gets another load up his gaping hole. Back in San Francisco, Fyerfli gets a severe double-fuck! No wonder these guys are called “Rocket Boys”!

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