Mitch’s Anal Initiation (2011)

Year: 2011
Country: USA
Studio: Straight Rent Boys
Genre: Oral sex, Anal sex, Group Sex, 69, Fingering, Masturbation, Cumshots, Straight, Interview, Safe sex, 720p
Duration: 00:29:33
Description: This week brought the return of a familiar friendly face. You might remember Mitch from a couple of months back. Here’s the back-story. He was a straight guy that had only once had a ‘gay for pay’ experience, blowing a guy for some weed and a few bucks.

In that video, he gave and received his first blow job. Cut to now. Mitch called me up and said he needed some quick cash and asked me for more work. I remembered he never did finish my ‘gay for pay’ bootcamp, and still hadn’t had anal sex before. I told him to get his ass to my studio, I just happened to have a couple of guys hanging around at my place. When he arrived, I talked him into trying anal for the first time, with Eli. But then I through in a twist when I brought in Nick. The only way this scene was going to work was if Mitchell took not only one cock, but two. Will this straight guy be able to take not one, but two different dicks up his ass?! You’ll have to watch the video and wait to see to find out … I didn’t know what to expect when asking Mitch to take not one, but two big cocks up his virgin sphincter as part of his Anal Initiation into Gay For Pay bootcamp. But I can tell you I didn’t expect to be BLOWN THE FUCK away! The video starts with Mitch lubing up his juicy hole. While both Eli and Nick have big cocks, I think Nick is the larger of the two, so I let Eli have first dibs. Eli started fucking and I gotta tell you, I almost considered stopping the camera Mitch was in so much pain. I told him to suck on Nick’s thick dick, figuring that it would at least take his mind off of it as Eli slowly but surely opened up his tight ass. Eli seemed delighted in his role of being top for the first time, after all the pain he went through the previous week as a bottom. After taking Eli’s cock, it was time for Mitch to get fully initiated. Anyone that has seen Nick fuck knows that this is one true stud that knows how to pound a hole. When Nick took control of Mitch’s ass, he showed no mercy, seeming hellbent to destroy that hole. I think Mitch is now ready to go fully gay for pay in the real world as a rent boy, how about you?

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