Roman and Marco (On The Hunt)

Genre: Anal, Oral, Bears
It’s hard to believe that it’s has been a year since Roman walked into our office, dropped his pants, and bent over for his audition. (Well, truthfully he leaned against my boss’ desk and poked his ass out at us and then sheepishly got up and gave us a frontal view while stretching his cock out to full length for our viewing pleasure). But it has in fact been a year, and quite a year it has been.

Roman did very well with OnTheHunt and soon other sites started to feature his hot ass and effortless muscles as well. But we still maintain he was our discovery and that we had first crack at his, well, crack. (And that we did, in a very hot scene where Jeremy Hall took his ass virginity and ever-polite Roman thanked him at the end with a gentlemanly handshake!) Anyway, I digress… When we decided to shoot in Boston again we knew we wanted to try to get Roman back and so we encouraged him to drop by and to show us what he learned since his last visit to our place. We paired him up with a big, hot, uncut Latin stud, Marco, and we asked Roman to bottom for this dude’s great cock. Roman needed to do some hole stretching to accommodate Marco’s fat cock and thank god he did, because Marco went to town on Roman’s bubble-butt. After some very hot fucking Marco saw how much Roman was digging having a cock up his ass and he quickly bent over so that Roman could stick his cock up Marco’s hairy ass! A very hot flip-flop scene is what we ended up with when we invited Roman back, and we’re just thrilled and proud as a newborn’s parents with the results!

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