SC1417 Casey and Jordan (2012)

Year: 2012
Country: USA
Studio: seancody
Genre: Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Muscle Hunks, Big Dick, Cumshots, SC1417
Time: 00:24:02
Description: “I would give you a hug but I’m covered in jizzy pickles,” Casey said at the end of the shoot.

I think it meant that he was covered in cum, but I wasn’t sure. At any rate, it was a pretty good example of how the day had gone. Casey is a country boy who was just having fun … and he was letting it all hang out! We had started out with Jordan giving Casey a long, hot massage. Jordan took his time exploring every muscle, starting with Casey’s broad shoulders and working his way down to some very sensitive feet. I think Jordan was getting off on making Casey squirm! “Damn that was amazing!” Casey said. “I’ve never been so eager to be butt-ass naked in front of a guy before! I could definitely get used to that … ” Casey definitely seemed the more dominant of the two. He was very aggressive about getting fucked, and I think that Jordan picked up on that and it made him more aggressive too! “He was fucking me so hard I felt it in my brain!” That was how Casey described it afterward. He definitely enjoyed it! “I think I’m ten percent gay now,” he said right after he came, completely out of breath …

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