Skin Gang (Cazzo Film, 2007)

Country: US, Germany, Great Britain
Studio: Cazzo Film
Length: 1:40:02
Genre: Anal/Oral Sex, Skinheads
Cast: Tom International, Steve Masters, Eden Muller, Ralph Steel, Tim Vinzent, Darren James, Jens Hammer, Bastian Eade, Nikki Richardson
Director: Bruce LaBruce

Skin Gang is controversial director Bruce LaBruce’s quite brutal, amazingly hot, eyebrow-raising and definitely not-for-all-tastes hardcore skinhead “art” film. A slightly reworked and edited version was shown worldwide in gay film festivals, under the title Skin Flick. Shot on location in New York, London and Berlin the story revolves around a rough ‘n tumble street gang terrorizing the city streets, most notably an interracial milk-‘n-cookies male couple in their home. The scene where the skinheads break into the couple’s house, torture Bastian Eade (aka Ben Jakks) all the while chanting “monkey” had screening audiences furious and caused walkouts galore. The tearoom rape that occurs when one of the gang pounces upon the white partner is sleazy and hot, too. Don’t miss the opening sequence where a young (and surprisingly adorable) skinhead jerks off and unleashes his load on the copy of Mein Kampf (Hitler’s autobiography) that he’s reading. I told you – this one’s really rough.

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