Slammin’ Perverts (3rd World Video, 2000)

Year: 2000
Country: US
Directed by: Mark Dennegar
Studio: 3rd World Video
Genre: Amateur, Kinky, Skinhead, Leather, Extreme Penetration, Fisting, Anal, Oral
Duration: 1:21:33
Starring: Marc Tyre, Jeremy Hart, Casey Roberts, Brad Cannon, Bud Baxter, Redd Wood

Description: A raunchy, barebacking, barefisting orgy where pigs indulge their animal appetites free of all inhibitions. Tattooed skinheads and bad-ass daddies raw fuck bad boy bottoms with no regard to limits. Holes open up and swallow arms up to the elbow. One bottom gets his face shoved into a dirty crapper by two merciless tops and gets his head shaved and then pissed on. This is the real underworld of sleaze sex. SLAMMIN ‘PERVERTS has already reached cult status. Brace yourselves!!

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