Spencer Fox and Jake (Jake Cruise)

Genre: Anal/Oral Sex, Daddy / Son, younger & older
You may have heard the phrase “young, hung and full of cum.” That combination of words perfectly describes Spencer Fox, only I’d add “extremely horny” to the mix. After a quick make-out session, this tall and lanky stud was naked and on his knees giving me head before I could even get my pants off! He wrapped his lips around my cock and sucked hard, slowly taking it deeper a little bit at a time. I had to virtually pry him away so I could practice my own oral technique on his oh-so-big and oh-so-thick piece of meat. It required my total concentration and once you see his dick you’ll understand what I mean. I had a great time fucking as well, mounting that tight manhole from behind before getting on all fours to take his cock.

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