Stefan Taylor Fucks Clay Archer (2011)

Year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Studs, Duet, Oral, Anal, Cumshots
Length: 00:24:00
Description: I am extremely excited today to share this magnificent pair-up that I couldn’t wait to see together more. Dirty Tony veteran, studly little Clayton Archer and scorching hot muscle twink with the fattest dick in the west and ready to tear some manhole to shreds, Stefan Taylor.

They begin by sharing their states of origin, Texas and North Carolina, respectively, their love for photography and proclivity of being confused as straight by most people they encounter. Not a second after Stefan confirms that he thinks Clayton appears straight, the pair lock lips and pull each other’s shirts off while Clayton immediately helps Stefan out of his jeans to let his huge throbbing cock spring from it’s confines making a smacking noise as it collides with his chiseled abs. Clayton with saliva dripping from the corners of his cute mouth stretches his lips as wide as he can to wrap them around that sequoia and shove that hefty dick into his neck like an egg-eating snake. Next, Stefan yanks Clayton’s pants down and begins throating his girth while he can’t help from grinding his hips into the sweet pleasure of a velvety soft mouth. The two in an attempt to get more comfortable fall back on the bed and take turns swallowing each other’s swollen cocks until Clayton is ready to have his tight anal scabbard filled by Stefan’s impressive man-sword. Plunging down on that dick, Clayton takes his time to adjust so that he doesn’t rip completely in half as Stefan slowly begins pumping those textured veins against his sensitive inner butthole. Clayton screams out over and over as his posterior engulfs the thickest cock it has ever come across while Stefan proceeds to push him down on his side and pound away for a short bit before getting Clayton on all fours and really railing the hell out of his boy -pussy. Wanting to look into Clayton’s deep blue eyes while he fucks a huge load out of him, Stefan again pushes him onto his back and proceeds to plug his tattered rectum until what looks like gallons of glistening jizz splash across Clayton’s tan physique. Right behind him, Stefan pulls out and manages to dump his own heavy load all over Clayton’s cute face while he is paralyzed with orgasmic aftershocks ricocheting through his entire body.

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