Str8Hell YOUNG OFFENDERS Tadeas Hospodar and Istvan Bernas RAW

Production year: 2021
Country: Czech Republic
Studio: WilliamHiggins, Str8Hell
Genre: Blow Job, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Young Studs, Uniform, Bareback, Masturbation, Big Dicks, Uncut
Duration: 00:16:17
Description: Istvan Bernas is in charge of security and he brings Tadeas Hospodar into the storeroom to check him for stealing. Tadeas claims that he is innocent and wants to be released.

Istvan says that he must involve the police but first has to search Tadeas. He pulls off Tadeas tee shirt and then pats him down. He gropes the front of Tadeas’ jeans, claiming to feel something. He then tells Tadeas to take off the jeans. Tadeas then confesses that he has the missing wallet, but says that he found it. He hands over the wallet but is still told to take down his jeans. Jeans down he cups his privates as he sits on the chair. Istvan says he wont need to involve the police as long as Tadeas does everything he tells him. Istvan makes him feel his pants, pulling his hand onto the groin. Despite protestations Tadeas eventually does it. Then Istvan opens his pants and pulls out his stiffening ock. He makes Tadeas wank on that stiff cock. Then Iatvan pulls Tadeas’ head towards the cock. He soon as his dick in Tadeas mouth and pulls the head onto that throbbing cock. Tadeas is able to take that dick all the way into his mouth. Istvan takes off his shirt and then fucks his stiff cock hard into Tadeas’ mouth. Tadeas is compliant and licks the shaft and sucks on that cock. He deep throats it as his head is pulled onto that cock. Istvan’s cock is so hard as he pulls Tadeas onto it. He thrusts his hips to fuck that dick into the eager mouth. The Tadeas is made to kneel on the chair, presenting his sexy ass. Istvan spits on the hole and then pushes his big, stiff, cock inside. He soon is fucking so hard into that ass hole, grabbing the hips for leverage. He pounds Tadeas’ ass hole as hard as he can, slapping his thighs against the ass cheeks. Tadeas takes the dick in his hole as it slams deep inside him. Istvan works his dick in and out of Tadeas’ ass hole as hard as he can ensuring that each thrust goes all the way in. Then he turns Tadeas over and shoves his cock back into that hole. Tadeas wanks himself as he takes the big dick in his ass. His wanking is so fast as he feels the big cock fucking his hole. Soon the hot cum shoots from Tadeas cock as he keeps wanking hard. He milks his cock dry as Istvan continues fucking that hole. Then Istvan pulls out of that ass and pushes Tadeas to his knees. He shoot the cum over Tadeas face and into his mouth. Then Tadeas takes the spent cock in his mouth to drain it completely.

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