Surprise Package

Year: 2008
Directed by: Richie Oldman
Studio: Titanmen Fresh
Genre: Oral, Anal, Safe sex, Rimming, Group, Cum shots, Muscle, Big Cocks
Length: 2:21:38
Starring: Adam Hanks, Arkady Beran, Atticus Aron, Dano Janda, David Begua, Edvar Soucek, George Kovar, Jay Roberts, Jirka Mikhel, John Paul, Thomas Winter

Description: The ‘surprise package “is a big box holding a Chippendale-type dancer, presented to a blond birthday-dude. But the big surprise about this package is the big package on the package. An all-Euro-youth party takes place in a country mansion with an amazing variety of decor in the various rooms where three trios and a duo happen. The decors are indefinably foreign: an odd way of angling a corner in a tiled bathroom, a peculiar delicate fabric used for curtains, a striking color combination in lounge furniture. Aside from erections and ejaculations, you might also acquire some home-decoration. The birthday boy and the brunet dancer use the bathroom, with damask-sheen tiles in seafoam green and jade. A blondish guest joins them for an oral-only first-round which makes all three spurt. Then they move to a powder-blue bedroom with sunlight through melon-pink curtains, where the dancer’s furry flue is licked wide enough to be deep-dicked by his horsehung friends. The waiter gets very wadded-on. Two tall youths find a cream-custard-yellow stairwell (the railings are nutmeg-brown). They look naughty there, naked and eating meat. One beats the other’s face with boner. A shy guy wanders down and watches. His shirt disappears. His dick pops out, and into a mouth. They suck around on Persian cushions, then cum (one in slow-motion) on the amazing abs of one of them. They retire to a rose-red and pink bedroom for the middle-sized one to play middleman, rimmed at one end and fucked at both. His abs get slow-motion soaked again. Two delightfully bony brunets on a brocade-covered leather sofa, silhouetted by peach drapes, suck on a very realistic donkey-dildo, then on each other and on a newcomer who has the real thing. One’s tits get iced with cum like toaster-strudels. In a pale gold room, he then gets fucked and again cummed on. Two latecomers bearing a gift find nobody home, and a brown bed just dying to have pink flesh fucking on it! They shoot the movie’s eighteenth and nineteenth wads, by my count!

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