Talk to Me Colby Keller, Jett Black and Kevin Warhol (2013)

Production year: 2013
Country: USA
Studio: CockyBoys
Genre: Oral, Anal, Kissing, Trheesome, Musturbation, Cumshots, Tattoos, ThreeWay
Duration: 00:50:43
Description: I was just as nervous to shoot Kevin as he was – in fact, when he showed up on set the first day he showed me his fingernails that he’d had practically chewed into nothing. But as soon as we started rolling we both had a blast!

He’s a natural performer, loves to flirt with the camera, and he has an energy and style that kept everyone laughing, smiling, AND HARD! Talk to Me is quite simply my ode to one of my favorite things – talking and flirting during sex. I like dirty sex talk, but what I’ve always loved is sexy exploratory conversation during sex – talking about fantasies, exploits, desires and wants. Communication during sex has the power to unlock and enhance feeling beyond just the physical, and in doing so you can create a perfect storm of sexual delight in both body and mind.

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