The Heartland (Junior Studio, 1999)

Year: 1999
Country: USA
Directed by: Kevin Clarke
Studio: Junior Studio
Genre: Twinks (Young Meat), Bareback, Oral / Anal Sex, Dildo
Duration: 1:36:19
Starring: Ashton Ryan, Austin Martin, Brendan Sterling, Bryce Crisler, Chase Carter, Christian Taylor, Enrique Rivera, Michael Dillon

Description: How does one follow up a movie that I and everyone I know has called the best gay film ever made in the US? A lot of people in our industry might have a difficult time of it. That however does not seem to apply to Junior Studio’s Kevin Clarke and Richard Morgan. As a sequel to The American Way they now offer us “The Heartland”, a touching story filmed in the southeastern US (One can only hope that this means that Junior Studios will continue filming all around the country providing us with incredibly beautiful scenery interspersed with the cutest American talent we’ve had the pleasure of seeing in a very long time.) Brendan Sterling plays a young guy off to find his niche in society, but to do that, he’ll have to leave the beautiful horse farm he’s come to know and love. As the story unfolds, Brendan and Christian Taylor share a few moments of private time that had me perspiring. In fact, I found it necessary to have a cigarette after virtually every sex scene. Each of the five sixths sex scenes is mesmerizing. There isn’t one of them that didn’t capture my attention and grab me by the balls. Enrique Rivera, who I understand is Ashton Ryan’s real life boyfriend is just stunning and sure to become one of the hottest new stars in the business. Austin Martin is a super cute Asian-American boy with blue eyes that will make you gasp. Badpuppy’s own Bryce stars in his first role and continues to exude the “boy next door” pheromones that will drive any “twink” fan right out of his shorts. And while each of the first sex scenes will leave you short of breath, the climax of the film that starts out with Michael Dillon in a solo scene with a huge dildo. He gets caught taking the dildo for a hard ride and in seconds, Michael finds himself in the middle of a torrid four-way. One would think that should be enough to get any boy’s balls in an uproar, but soon the four-way becomes a six-way and then Austin voyeuristically watches the six boy marathon while he starts jerking himself off. The ending seems to hint that we can look forward to see more of Austin. I certainly hope so. And while safe sex is the name of the game, it isn’t overly emphasized, which will give those who prefer to view natural sex a vast thrill anyway. This film also contains the closest I’ve seen to cum eating in a domestic film in … I don’t know how long when Bryce loses his first load. You will just have to see this to believe it. Another striking facet to this film is that it was entirely obvious that these boys were not only having a good time, but having a good time being with each other. You’ll have to watch pretty hard to catch any of them with anything less than a rock-hard cock, which tells me that these boys all know what they like and were getting plenty of it at the time.

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