Zeb Toys With Brayden (2013)

Production year: 2013
Country: USA
Studio: CorbinFisher, cfselect
Genre: Anal, Bareback, Blowjob, Rimming, Cumshots, Anal Toys, Bondage
Duration: 00:22:35
Description: Brayden’s admitted he quite enjoys getting his ass played with, and he’s among the many CF studs who’ve discovered their hole is quite the erogenous zone for them.

Zeb takes full advantage of that fact here, having his way with Brayden and his hole in what is an extremely naughty CF Select video! With his hole totally exposed, Brayden finds his ass filled with a dildo, as well as Zeb’s big dick. Zeb even takes that dildo back and forth between Brayden’s hole and mouth, making sure Brayden’s spit lubes it up well.

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