Police Prowlers Benjamin Dunn, Nick Vargas, Noah Matous, Ray Mannix, Yuri Adamov and Troy Vara

Production year: 2015
Country: Czech Republic
Category: Bareback, Twinks, Group, Orgy, GangBang, Oral / Anal Sex, Facial, Masturbation, Cumshot
Duration: 00:24:20
Description: If there’s anyone alive who does not think that Yuri Adamov is little more than a cock-crazed whore then we’d love to meet them. No question about it, folks, this is a young man who quite literally can not get enough dick up his ass – and he continues to prove it again here, bundled over a stool with his butt in the air!

To be fair, however, he’s not actually totally happy unless he’s actually got a dick in his mouth at the same time; but with Nick Vargas, Ray Mannix, Noah Matous, Benjamin Dunn and Troy Vara for company he does not have to worry about that! Indeed, this gang of horned-up buddies are just loving taking it in turns to give the fellow the pounding of his dreams – their only disappointment, perhaps, being that nature has not given the lad even more holes to fill than his mouth and ass! Of course, we’re absolutely sure that the sight of all these fit, young buddies rutting away like a bunch of over-sexed harlots will have you gagging to bolt your load – a sentiment that’s all-too-quickly shared (not surprisingly) by the boys themselves. Indeed, Vargas is the first to blow his wad – directly onto Adamov’s hungry little pucker, having pulled out just at the last moment. It’s a move that serves as a signal to the rest of the gang, who by now have arranged themselves in a semi-circle around the fellow’s head and are jerking ferociously in anticipation of the tsunami of spunk that’s about to erupt. And by fuck does it blow! Cascades of hot, sticky, pent-up jizz that coat Adamov’s face in a veritable sea of ​​baby-brew. If this does not send you over the edge then what the hell will?

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