Brubaker and Thalius (MilitaryClassified, 2015)

Production year: 2015
Country: USA
Studio: MilitaryClassified
Genre: Amateur, Anal Sex, Blowjob, Cumshot, Facial, Interview, Masturbation, Muscles, Str8, Tattoos
Duration: 00:14:07
Description: Today I’m really excited because I have been trying to get these two guys together to shoot a scene but could never schedule them, their both very busy now! Ha!

Regardless I did and today Brubaker and Thalius will team up to go a little ‘gay for pay’ and stroke each other’s cock, get their dick’s sucked by a gay dude (me) and finally watch Brubaker lose the bet and get bent over by Thalius and fucked him in many positions before making Brubaker nut and Thalius nut all over Brubaker’s face. Lovely! When the guys arrived at my studios, I could see that Brubaker, as always, was the talkative one which made Thalius who arrived first, get out of his quiet mode. It worked because the two met and we could not shut up Brubaker telling us stories of his latest sexual escapades. We had a really good photo shoot session and the guys were gorgeous and hot of course but they had a nice chemistry on print that made them look like pros. Once we got the photos done, the paperwork done, and made our way to my bedroom, the guys in my bedroom looking for porn and playing with themselves as they threw jokes back and forth at me and at each other. Once I asked them to grab each other’s cock, the room went silent and I lubed up the guy’s hands and they each grabbed each other’s cock and began to stroke each other and the room got even quieter. I broke the silence by stepping in, kneeling down in front of the guys and began sucking their cocks …. yes both of them. I would take turns on one then while with my free hand I would stroke the other guy at the same time. Then I would switch it up and go back and forth! I have a great one for 3 guys! lol Once we got past the sucking and I got them both riled up that I knew they were ready to fuck. I let Thalius loose on Brubaker’s ass and we were off to the races. Thalius has a steel cock because this dude takes forever to cum and poor Brubaker was getting the message as Thalius, like the energizer bunny, fucked Brubaker in several positions where we literally had to stop the fucking or Brubaker would need to go to the hospital! lol! Well no but still. Brubaker shot his load while Thalius was fucking him which I knew would happen but Thalius needed to whack himself silly before he blew his Marine load all over Brubaker’s face.

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