Production year: 2012
Country: USA
Studio: CorbinFisher
Genre: Oral / Anal sex, Bareback, Blow job, Foot licking, 69, Rimming, Masturbation, Cumshots
Duration: 00:18:44
Description: Trey is jerking off to porn on his phone, when Chandler comes in and takes the phone away from him to give him the real thing.

Chandler sucks Trey’s cock hungrily. He rips off Trey’s jeans and licks Trey’s nutsack. He slides hi tongue down Trey’s leg and worships Trey’s foot with his tongue before going back up to blow Trey again. Trey pushes Chandler’s head down on his dick. The guys kiss, but Chandler pushes Trey down, eager for more cock down his throat. He spits on Trey’s ass and rims him, then swallows Trey’s cock again. Trey reaches for Chandler’s cock through his underwear, but Chandler on Trey so aggressively, Trey can’t even get to Chandler’s dick. Chandler throws Trey on the bed and they wrestle while kissing. Trey finally gets Chandler’s underwear off and sucks on that monster dick. “Yeah, go deep, go deep,” Chandler tells him. Trey shoves his tongue into Chandler’s hole, driving Chandler crazy.
 Trey strokes their cocks together. Chandler fingers Trey, getting him ready to take his big cock. Flipping Trey onto his back, Chandler pours lube on Trey’s ass and slides his cock into Trey’s ass. “Oh, that’s such a big dick!” Trey yells. Chandler slams his cock into Trey’s ass and sucks Trey’s toes as he fucks him. He rolls Trey onto his side and rams his dick in and out of Trey’s hole. Trey gets on all fours and takes Chandler’s cock doggy-style. Chandler fucks him until Trey is face down on the bed. Trey spreads his cheeks so Chandler can shove every inch in as deep as he can. Chandler doves down and eats Trey’s ass again. The guys 69, Trey sucking Chandler and Chandler eating Trey out. Trey climbs up on Chandler’s cock. Chandler drills up into Trey, making him yell out in pleasure again. Trey can’t hold it for long and he shoots his load while riding Chandler. He cums in Chandler’s mouth and Chandler sucks him dry. Chandler fucks Trey on the chair, pulls out to make him suck his dick, then sticks it back in and pounds Trey’s ass. Chandler pulls out and blasts his cum on Trey’s face and mouth. Trey sucks the last drops out of Chandler’s cock and Chandler wipes the cum off Trey’s face and feeds it to him.
 Whew! If only Chandler suddenly appeared every time you watched porn!

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